SUGGESTION: BCP, Missals, Service Books, Liturgy of the Hours Liturgical Calendar etc.

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Nov 7 2013 12:39 PM

Given the number of liturgical materials that cross denominational lines:

  • all Eastern Orthodox rites (and most Oriental rites) have a corresponding Catholic form
  • the Ukrainian Orthodox rite is used by Lutherans
  • the BCP in slightly modified from is used by Catholics and Lutherans
  • the (defunct) Western Celtic rite is used by Orthodox (Antioch Patriarchy)
  • the (traditional) one-year lectionary of the Anglicans, Catholics and Lutherans is essentially the same
  • the RCL 3 year lectionary is used by 27+ churches world wide
  • the Anglican Breviary is basically the same as the pre-Vatican II Roman Catholic Breviary
  • .. .. ..

I'd like to suggest that there be a separate forum for such materials that is the shared responsibility of several product managers (Anglican, Lutheran, Catholic, Orthodox). These are no only intertwined resources but also common requirements.

More loosely related are the ISSL lessons, Methodist/Presbyterian worships books, materials for special world wide services (World Council of Churches) etc.

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