Exporting Morph Search Analysis Results to Word List - Map Louw-Nida to Section Column in Word List

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DIsciple II | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Nov 8 2013 10:21 PM

When search results are exported from a Morph Search Results Analysis to a Word List I believe it would add greater value to the Word List if the description of the Louw-Nida number was mapped and exported to the section column of the Word List.  Currently when you do the export this column remains blank.  I believe it would be valuable to have this column populated with the Louw-Nida description to assisting in grouping the Word List, and would make it easier to remove unwanted entries from the Word List e.g. you may want to create a vocab list of all the place names mentioned in a book or or the people or some other category.  Having this data export to the word list would be invaluable in this and other situations.  You might want to not delete anything but still want to see the words grouped this way. 

A less satisfactory but workable solution would be to have the Louw-Nida number mapped to the section column - it would at least make it easier to group words but still would require a manual renaming of the sections.

Not everyone would want to group their word lists this way, so ideally it would be optional whether this data is brought across, but as a general first up option for grouping words I would find this a huge time saver.

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