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R. Jason Bartholow | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Jan 11 2014 12:10 PM

I did a search for this topic and didn't find anything, so I'm sorry if someone else has posted on this topic.  I am requesting the ability to download books on the Chrome/Chromium Biblia app. In the last year I made the jump to Linux, and I rarely boot into windows on my computers now (basically just for Logos and if I play a game that's only functional in Windows). So, to use my Logos/Vyrso materials, I usually go to Biblia. The problem I have run into is that when I try to access my materials when I teach classes, I can't because but WiFi isn't available. So, I can't get access to my Logos/Vyrso resources due to lack of internet connection. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate it if, like the Logos/Vyrso/Faithlife/Noet Android and iOS apps, the ability to download books would be added into the Chrome/ium Biblia app, and not have it solely reliant on the cloud. I know there have been many discussions on the boards over the years regarding getting Logos on Linux, which probably won't happen for the foreseeable future due to Linux only making up about 2% of the OSs. So, downloadable books on the Biblia app (or possibly even a port of the Logos app over to Chrome/ium) would be a decent way to meet in the middle.

Thank you,


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