Bible Facts Tagging for Maps

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John Brumett | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Feb 17 2014 10:28 AM

It would be nice if other Bible Atlas were tagged according to city like the Logos Bible Maps.  Example- I typed in Samaria and I get one map from Holman because the name Samaria is in the title.  I should receive multiple maps from Holman Bible Atlas that have the city of Samaria in them.

Another Bible improvement to Bible Maps would be to tag them by Scripture Reference.  If I typed in Revelation 2-3 I would receive back maps only dealing with the church in Revelation.  There are many individual battles that are context specific and I could easily find them quicker if I can type in the verses.  I know I can type in a verse in the Passage Guide and maps will show up but only the cities in that passage are tagged not the specific map for the specific situation.   


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