SUGGESTION: The White I know - stories, homiletics, illustrations and similar authors

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Apr 8 2014 1:01 PM
  • Stories for Telling by William R. White
  • Stories for the Journey: A Sourcebook for Christian Storytellers by William R. White
  • Stories for the Gathering by White, William R.
  • Speaking in Stories by White, William R
  • The Sower's Seeds: 120 Inspiring Stories for Preaching, Teaching, and Public Speaking by Brian Cavanaugh T. O. R. and Brian Cavanaugh
  • Sower's Seeds of Virtue: Stories of Faith, Hope, and Love (Spiritual Sampler) Paperbackby Brian Cavanaugh
  • Sower's Seeds of Encouragement: Fifth Planting by Brian Cavanaugh
  • Sower's Seeds Aplenty: Fourth Planting by Brian Cavanaugh
  • Fresh Packet of Sower's Seeds: Third Planting by Brian Cavanaugh
  • More Sower's Seeds: Second Planting by Brian Cavanaugh
  • Sower's Seeds That Nurture Family Values: Sixth Planting by Brian Cavanaugh
  • A World of Stories for Preachers and Teachers: And All Who Love Stories That Move and Challenge by William J. Bausch
  • Touching the Heart: Tales for the Human Journey by William J. Bausch
  • The Yellow Brick Road: A Storyteller's Approach to the Spiritual Journey by William J. Bausch
  • Once Upon a Gospel: Inspiring Homilies and Insightful Reflections by William J. Bausch
  • More Telling Stories, Compelling Stories by William J. Bausch
  • Timely Homilies: The Wit and Wisdom of an Ordinary Pastor by William J. Bausch
  • In the Beginning, There Were Stories: Thoughts about the Oral Tradition of the Bible by William J. Bausch
  • Storytelling the Word: Homilies & How to Write Them by William J. Bausch
  • Storytelling: Imagination and Faith by William J. Bausch
  • Telling Stories, Compelling Stories: 35 Stories of People of Grace by William J. Bausch
  • Stories and Parables by Paul J. Wharton
  • The Song of the Bird by Anthony De Mello
  • One Minute Wisdom by De Mello, Anthony
  • Taking Flight by De Mello, Anthony
  • Awakening: Conversations with the Masters by De Mello, Anthony

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