CSS styling for Scripture text does not change anything

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David Roy Slentz | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Sep 14 2014 1:38 PM

RefTagger CSS and Responsive

The Responsive CSS file and set up given by "Mark Goldsmith" on this forum works well. I am only having a problem where I cannot change the Scripture body font. Not matter what I change it to, it remains the same font which I have used in my website. The problem is that there is also "text-shadow" style to it and it makes the Scriptures difficult to read.

This was something that I could not change even BEFORE I added your responsive CSS file.

What is  it that I am doing wrong that I cannot remove the "text-shadow" and that I cannot change the font, etc. of the Scripture body text?

Also... is it possible to use a "%" for the font size of the Scripture body text?

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