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Dennis Audet | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Oct 2 2014 5:02 AM

This past Monday, 10/29/14, Morris Proctor posted a tutorial on the subject - Exploring Lemmas with the Same Root. You can follow his instructions here 

As an exercise for myself on how to use Bible Search to use the Root for analysis, I chose the word "caught" in the verb phrase "caught up to the third heaven" in the ESV translation of 2 Corinthians 12:2 with an eye towards discovering further evidence of the rapture. The "search this resource" using the root <Root = lbs/el/αρπαζω> brings back 30 instance results. Selecting the aligned tab is revealing however the analysis tab is extremely valuable because I could create a pivot table in the analysis tab, selecting/dragging the three column headings Root, Lemma, and Sense to the top left above the table -  presenting the 30 instances of the six lemmas with their morphological attributes of their manuscript form. (I realize the Root pivot is not necessary, their being only one value, but I like the instance count at that level).

I desired to get a better overall look at the data by printing the data out on legal size paper in landscape format, so I clicked on the panel-menu and selected the Print/Export <Ctrl-P> option. A new dialogue window opens with the message "This panel supports Export only". Oh-oh! I cannot print 'from here'. I decide to Export to Excel and work with the data in Excel and that is the reason for this post.

The data pivots in the analysis tab of the Bible-Search and gives an instance count for each table pivot - extremely nice and useful. I want to duplicate this in Excel. Once I open the xml export file and save it as an Excel 2013 format file (xlsx), I discover that I can do better sorting on multiple columns in Excel compared to the Logos Bible-Search analysis tab. I sort on two columns, Lemma and Sense (within Lemma).

Microsoft Excel 2013 Pivot Table. Never did a pivot table before. I don't know the first thing about creating a pivot table. <F1> Help! I look at some Help and watch a video clip and get some general ideas. I am going to present what I came up with, both the spreadsheet and the printed output and I want to ask for help in creating instance counts at pivot points in Excel like appears in the Logos Bible-Search Analysis tab pivots.

Here is what I want to duplicate -

Image of spreadsheet report -

The following pdf file is the legal size landscape format of the Excel analysis. It has no pivot instance counts (like Logos does).

7128.Bible Search pivot table.pdf

The next file is the actual Excel spreadsheet I developed containing the data sheet and the pivot table sheet.

6888.Bible Search pivot table analysis.xlsx

Being a complete novice at Excel Pivot Tables, I think I have discovered that the functions such as sum, count, total, etc. in Pivot Tables is intended to work on numeric data (only?). Well my spreadsheet does not contain numeric data. I do not find alphanumeric functions such as "COUNTA" in Pivot Table analysis.

It is my hope that there is one or more fellow Logos users (or expert staff) who have some expertise with Excel Pivot Tables who can tell me (and us) how to get pivot point instance counts in the analysis report from Excel (like those in the Logos Bible-Search Analysis tab.

Any help is appreciated,

Thanks for your kind consideration.

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Fred Chapman | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Oct 2 2014 7:36 AM

I have not watched the whole thing, but this may help you

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