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Stein Dahl | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Jan 9 2010 12:48 AM

Hello all,

Is there a way to put my books (resources) into certain catagories so that when I open a resource, depending on what catagory of book it is, I can know which tile it will open in? 

We should have different categories for resources like Bibles (would only be Bibles of course), and Commentaries ( would only be Commentaries of course), and Dictionaries (would be only Bible dictionaries of course) and all other books in a General Books category.

The way it is now at least general books tend to open wherever they want to.  I've even opened a book and had it open in one tile, then closed it and immediately opened it again and it opened in a completely different tile.

I think it would be very helpful to categorize the books so that they will always open in a tile for that specific category of book.   If there is no tile open for books of that category, then the program should open a new tile for that category and it should appear there, unless I drag it and specifically dock it in a tile with books of a different category.

This way if I have several tiles open (Bibles in one, Commentaries in another and Dictionaries in a third, General books in a fourth, etc.) I would know where that book will appear when I open it based on what category of book it is. 

This problem usually happens (at least to me) with General books.  Like I said I can open one and it might appear in the tile with my Commentaries.  I can then close it and open it again and this time it might open in the tile with my Dictionaries.

This seems too unpredictable.

Just wondering if there is a way to accomplish this (maybe a workaround), or if this is being looked into by anyone from Logos?



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Rosie Perera | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Jan 9 2010 1:20 AM

Logos tries to be smart about opening like with like -- Bibles with Bibles, Lexicons with Lexicons, etc. Again, see the Layout Management video which I just recommended to you in another thread. But that isn't always what you want, and if your layout prior to opening one isn't quite as nice and tidy as what their heuristics are expecting, it might not work; also their system obviously doesn't work with general books.

It is probably something that deserves more attention -- and your suggestion of being able to mark tiles as being just for certain categories of books is a good one.

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