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Jonathan J Watson | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Oct 24 2014 2:18 PM

What does it do?

No other text has had a greater influence on Western thought than the Bible. Biblical references and allusions are ubiquitous throughout ancient texts, yet these primary sources are difficult to find and even harder to connect to Scripture. Until now, making connections across ancient literature and Scripture has been an arduous, time-intensive process, but with the new Ancient Literature tool, that’s about to change.

With a click, the Ancient Literature tool connects the Bible to ancient texts, unearthing powerful connections. See how a passage was interpreted by the early church or discover parallel accounts in comparative literature. 

Search any verse in the Passage Guide, and the Ancient Literature tool lists links to related ancient texts. In seconds, find connections between Scripture and the Talmud, Mishna, and Judaic literature, as well as works by the Apostolic Fathers, Philo, and others.

This tool isn’t just based on Bible references, though—in addition to linking to primary texts that quote Scripture, it also lists resources that allude to the Bible, that cite it, and that share the same historical period, themes, and lexicon.

How does it work?

Run a Passage Guide for Jude 5-11, and go straight to the page where the Apostolic Fathers allude to this passage and where the Church Fathers quote it.

Examples (linked to open in the software)

  1. Jude 5-11 (follow this link to reproduce the screenshot above)
  2. John 11:1-44 (often cited & alluded to by the Church Fathers)

Where can I learn more? 

Watch the Ancient Literature feature in action. 

How do I get it? 

This feature is included in Core Crossgrade and all Silver level packages and higher. Shop all packages that include this feature.

Make it Even Better!

To get the full value out of this feature, add some of the following resources to your library:
  1. The Ancient Near Eastern Texts
  2. The Works of Josephus
  3. The Works of Philo
  4. The Early Church Fathers Protestant Edition (37 vols.)
  5. The Dead Sea Scrolls Study Edition
  6. The Armarna Letters
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Patrick Rietveld | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Dec 17 2014 12:14 PM
You write about the Early Church Fathers (protestant ed.). Will the catholic edition work as well?
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