Links in resources created for Logos and major version upgrades

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SteveHD | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Nov 4 2014 7:07 AM

There may be similar references to this in other threads but I wanted to focus more here. Will resources like Lexham Bible Guides: Paul’s Letters Collection where they apparently have links to resources throughout Logos be upgraded to make use of new links around the new features? So as the new maps for Logos 6 come out might we see upgraded versions to use the maps? If so are we likely to just see these as a free resource upgrade or as a new version of the product (Lexham Bible Guides: Paul’s Letters Collection V. 2 as example) that has to be bought?

Also curious about Mobile Ed. videos. Where we have examples showing Logos 5 in use will we see new video spots that show version 6? Will these only happen in new courses? If old courses are updated will they be free or for a charge? I was curious about this because of the Promo to get the $150.00 value course with $1000 purchase. When I see the topic I wonder if it will show Logos 5 or 6 in use?

I know that answering some of these ? may be complete speculation. Thought I would ask though.

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