Dillenberger: God Hidden and Revealed

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In looking for somewhat recent theological works over at Internet Archive I found this little book.  It is actually John Dillenberger's dissertation.  All I knew about him was that he edited the "old" Luther Anthology..

Like most dissertations I have read, it is mostly analysis of what has been said on the topic with a modest contribution to the field.  In this case it gives us a brief review of generally German language Luther research and theology from the work of Ritschl to the time it was written - namely the early 1950's.

Links to the Ritschl that exists in Logos are included.  I unfortunately do not have Harnack to provide links for that.  Barth's dogmatics is cited extensively.  Volume I/1 is cited from the first English translation which appears to have a different pagination than the Logos edition of Barth.  The rest is from the German, and while I have created datatype links, with the current tagging most of them go nowhere - at least for me.

As tempting as it was to create links to my pb editions of Brunner, that would not be helpful...

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