Suggested Behavior for Clicking More in Cited By Tools Results

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Russ Quinn | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Jan 13 2010 7:17 AM

I would like to suggest that clicking "More" in the results of the Cited By tool should return the remaining results for that section in the Cited By tool itself instead of launching a new Basic Search pane for that collection.

The collapsible results of the Cited By tool are much preferable to the raw listing of the Basic Search tool.
The collapsible list serves several helpful functions when culling through a lot of results.
It helps navigation to keep all the results quickly available on one page.
It also aids evaluation of the results by allowing one to collapse books and results that are determined not to be relevant.
A related suggestion would be to allow manual marking and hiding of irrelevant individual and to save those results as some sort of custom subset search.
I would like to be able to return to a search that I have worked through to find the results that I have determined to be truly significant.

Ultimately it would be best to implement the collapsible results of the Cited By tool with its Compact and Expanded view options into the Basic Search tool.

Even then it would still be more helpful if the More button expanded that section without leaving the tool.

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