Decrease the Brightness Level of all Bible Book Cover Icons that were Recently Changed for Logos 6

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Willie | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Nov 21 2014 9:57 PM

Logos recently made changes to several Bible book cover icons which included increasing the brightness level of some.  The ESV's orange book cover icon in particular was brightened to a degree that is now very distracting as I attempt to read the text of the ESV and is actually physically irritating to my eyes. This has forced me to change my preferred Bible setting from the ESV to the NASB (Thankfully, the NASB book cover icon was not changed.  Please make no changes to this one!) 

In addition to the ESV, the LEB's lime green book cover icon is now so overly bright it similarly distracts me from reading the Bible text.  I have reviewed User Forums and the User Voice Site and found no indication that increasing the brightness level of Bible book cover icons had been a stated desire of Logos users.  However, I did find several threads in which users expressed concerns related to minimizing eye strain.  After first speaking with a Technical Support Rep who confirmed this was not an error but in fact a deliberate change made by Logos developers, I posted a suggestion regarding this issue to the Logos 6 User Voice Site.  

In summary, please consider restoring all Bible book cover icons that were recently changed for Logos 6 back to their original Logos 5 appearance in order to reduce eye strain for users.

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