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I was saved early in life by my faith in God's provision for me through his Son's sacrifice on my behalf. I regret I have not done more for Him in my life. But what I can do now I do. I spent 4 years in the Marine Corps from 1971 though 1975. I then moved from Michigan to the west coast (Oregon) and have lived there since then. I retired from a door manufacturing facility 2 years ago and have spent summers fixing up a small farm I have in Michigan. I hope to live there full time at some point. I am trying to witness to people about their need for Salvation and helping in any way I can to those around me. I know time is short and so whatever I can do for His glory I am trying to do. At my farm in Michigan I am currently starting a you pick blueberry operation. That's about it. May God be glorified in all that I do.