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  • Re: Chinese-English-Greek-Hebrew Interlinear Bible

    I studied with SIL back in 1981 and found the technology was not easily available to aid in translation easily, hence feeling called in a different direction to North America, refocused efforts to be useful else where. Being born in Taipei but with parents from Mainland China, I continued to make American my working language set, however, the need to
    Posted to General by Tai Wong on Tue, Nov 18 2014
  • Re: Chinese-English-Greek-Hebrew Interlinear Bible

    Ben, Daniel, and others, I too am interested in an interlinear Chinese-greek-hebrew-english where the Chinese is traditional and simplified. Please contact me as well. I believe there is much that can be rediscovered in the translation of the scriptures and how God has preserved the Gospel and the etymological and semantics in other languages. Chinese
    Posted to General by Tai Wong on Wed, Dec 5 2012
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