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  • Presentation Change/Version Tracking and Role Limitation

    Hi. We've recently switched to Proclaim for our worship service presentations. I am really keen for each member of the service (eg, worship leader, preacher, service leader, etc) to be responsible for loading the elements they are responsible for into the presentation themselves, but, especially while members of the team are still transitioning to and
    Posted to Faithlife Proclaim by Luke Hughes-Bunger on Wed, Oct 30 2019
  • Great software, Whack pricing

    I've been playing with proclaim for a while, and would definitely be bringing it to our church but for one simple fact. Your pricing structure is whack. Come on. A church of 20 pays only twice what a church of 200 pays, in spite of their 10 times larger congregation. Moreso, a church of 20,000 pays exactly the same as a church of 200, in spite of being
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