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  • Re: trouble editing sermon details

    Something isn't right with the sermon editor since the latest updates... When I push the (i) information button it's not scaling the editor window to show the information. I have to drag the editor window all the way to the right to expose the Information panel. The scaling is all off....
    Posted to Logos 9 Desktop App by Aaron Groat on Sun, Jun 6 2021
  • Printing in a MacOs office environment - need help

    Hi everyone, First time post to the forum. I work in an office with a central photocopier that we all print to. It requires authentication from entering a passcode in the print dialogue. In printing a resource in Logos, there is never the option to print "using the system dialogue" where I can enter the printer authentication code. My workaround for
    Posted to General by Aaron Groat on Tue, Jul 4 2017
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