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  • Calendar Devotionals Layout

    I saved a layout with many calendar devotionals in one pane and bible translations and study helps in others. Whenever I open Logos, all the devotionals remain on the date when Logos was closed. If I reload the layout, all the devotionals revert to the date when the layout was created. How can I have all the calendar devotionals automatically open to
    Posted to General by Mark Warda on Thu, Jan 23 2014
  • Re: International Children's Bible Please

    Thanks for the link. It makes sense to me now. The key is, as you so aptly put it, "latest revision." I looked up ICB at Amazon and the compared the text in the "Look Inside" feature with my Logos NCV and they were identical. HOWEVER, comparing that with my daughter's ICB Princess Bible, it was bit different - in some places more than others. According
    Posted to Suggestions by Mark Warda on Fri, Feb 11 2011
  • International Children's Bible Please

    I would appreciate you producing the International Children's Bible for Logos 4. My daughter uses it in our family devotions and I've looked up passages myself to compare with other translations. Thank you!
    Posted to Suggestions by Mark Warda on Fri, Feb 11 2011
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