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  • Re: Sermon preparation software?

    Thanks to all for these suggestions. I have looked at them. I like Scrivener and have bought it. Its still not everything I am looking for though. I've decided to invest in getting a small piece of software written for me that accomodates my chosen method / process of sermon preparation. Its the most expensive option, but anything that helps me to improve
    Posted to General by Trevor Allin on Wed, Jan 16 2013
  • Sermon preparation software?

    HI Can anyone help me with ideas on sermon preparation software. I am not looking for Bible study tools as such, rather I want something I can write my thoughts and research on and then organise into points, and have like a spider diagram so that I can put the thing together visually etc. Any ideas? Thanks, Trevor
    Posted to General by Trevor Allin on Wed, Jan 9 2013
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