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  • Re: Prayer list in Ipad?

    That is a great idea to use Evernote as it appears that Logos does not make pray without ceasing a top pratical priority so that you can take it everywhere you go
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Alan Lovelace on Thu, Aug 29 2013
  • Re: iPad App Wishlist

    I would like to add that a prayer list on my iphone/ipad that syncs with my computer would be awesome. I use that list daily and not having this feature is the only reason I travel with my laptop. It would also help me to be able to pray more effectively throughout the day on items I am committed to praying for. Yes, as the Spirit leads daily I do stop
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Alan Lovelace on Fri, Sep 7 2012
  • Downloading Notes to my iPhone

    Does anyone know how to get my notes from my computer onto my iPhone? I am not referring to the new version that links to highlights but notes that I took before that feature was enabled this past week. Thanks!
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Alan Lovelace on Sat, Jan 28 2012
  • Re: Resource download (up to 194.91 MB) coming tonight (2010-2-11)

    I like the idea of adding it to the Home Page so I can choose when to download the new resources based on what it is. Thanks!
    Posted to Logos 4 by Alan Lovelace on Fri, Feb 12 2010
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