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  • Re: NIV 84?

    And, it is clear to me that Zondervan and IBS have essentially colluded to salvage their decision a while back to supplant the NIV with the TNIV and have chosen to use the NIV11, which is a blend of those, to accomplish that. They both lost money on the TNIV; plus are determined to force their TNIV related agenda. This is plainly an arrogant, almost
    Posted to by Bill Mullen on Sun, Apr 28 2013
  • Re: NIV 84? includes the NIV 1984 version. Apparently LOGOS is afraid of the big 'Z'. Who needs Biblia?
    Posted to by Bill Mullen on Sat, Oct 6 2012
  • Re: NIV 84?

    However, Biblia is not for sale but is free. Therefore how can Zondervan force them not to include NIV 1984? Obviously LOGOS has chosen to submit to Zondervan's whims. LOGOS includes all kinds of aberrant stuff, why not include the NIV 1984, which unlike the 2011 version is not the TNIV in disguise?
    Posted to by Bill Mullen on Sat, Oct 6 2012
  • NIV 2011 only??

    How does one set default Bible version? Where is NIV 1984? It appears NIV 2011 ( TNIV in disguise) is default; if so, I will remove and not use Biblia - ever!
    Posted to by Bill Mullen on Sat, Oct 6 2012
  • Re: REQUEST: Make middle mouse button autoscrolling work in L4

    It is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable for Logos to say,"we can't fix is a Microsoft problem"! I suspect hundreds of people (perhaps more) have laptops over a year old with a Synaptics Touchpad that Logos 4 will not scroll with. You made a big deal out of all the supposed new features of 4. Actually it is all tricked up and much more complicated
    Posted to Logos 4 by Bill Mullen on Wed, Jun 29 2011
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