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  • Re: Logos needs to take advantage of the new iPad Pro

    I have been using the iPad pro 12.9 since February. I regularly write my sermons using Logos on the iPad. I need to use the web app to do so (which is not ideal). I will typically have safari with app.logos loaded in desktop form then i can use the other half of the screen for looking at other books Or notes. Using the app.logos from safari adds some
    Posted to Logos 8 Mobile App by Steve Hull on Wed, Jun 5 2019
  • Re: Surface 3

    I think it depends on what your purpose for the device. If you're planning on it replacing the laptop I think it could be a bit frustrating, but as an addition, it seems to be an interesting option. I have been concidering a tablet to run full logos but have not committed to anything yet. The digitizer and 10.8" screen seems like it could be a nice
    Posted to General by Steve Hull on Wed, Apr 1 2015
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