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  • Re: 3rd party resource

    Thanks for the quick response. That was very helpful. I did think of one more specific question. Will this resource now be recognized as mine by Logos in the cloud? Meaning, can I open on my mobile devices? Or can I only load it from the CD onto a computer?
    Posted to General by Nicholas Roland on Sat, Apr 20 2013
  • Re: Requesting user feedback: Send to Kindle feature

    Yes please! I much prefer reading on my kindle to reading on an lcd screen, and this would make my library much more accessible to me. I sometimes buy books that I plan to read cover to cover rather than as a reference on amazon rather than logos because of this preference. Having an export to kindle feature would be more incentive to stick with buying
    Posted to General by Nicholas Roland on Thu, Sep 5 2013
  • Re: Second Hand Sermons?

    So, may I throw an example out there for feedback? Years ago I heard a sermon on a passage in Mark that was very formative for me. When my church was preaching through Mark, it came time for me to preach that passage. I did my own exegetical work. I prayed over and wrestled with the text. In the end I couldn't get away from the basic outline and main
    Posted to General by Nicholas Roland on Sat, Apr 9 2016
  • Re: Advanced Exegesis

    I do not think it is currently available in Logos, but I learned a great deal from Bock and Fanning's Interpreting the New Testament Text . It is an excellent step-by-step guide to all of the processes you describe. It assumes basic competency in Greek. I hope this helps!
    Posted to General by Nicholas Roland on Mon, Jun 8 2015
  • Re: Advanced Exegesis

    [quote user="Dave Moser"] I have not read this book so I can't comment on its quality. Two quick thoughts from its Amazon listing: The table of contents looks really good (even if the page count for each topic looks a little sparse). The authors are from Dallas Theological Seminary. I don't know the degree to which that influences the book as a whole
    Posted to General by Nicholas Roland on Tue, Jun 16 2015
  • Re: iPad App not showing downloaded books when offline

    I was on 6.5.4, so I updated it to 6.5.5. Still having the same issue. No downloaded books will load while offline. When I turn wifi off and go to my library, I see listed the 90 books I have downloaded on my iPad, but they're icons don't load. When I click on one I just get a white screen. The table of contents shows a spinning wheel when I click on
    Posted to General by Nicholas Roland on Tue, Sep 25 2018
  • Re: Shared Library with Spouse

    Thanks for the guidance and help. That clears up a lot. I don't remember if I read the precise wording of the policy. Thanks!
    Posted to General by Nicholas Roland on Mon, Jan 22 2018
  • Shared Library with Spouse

    Hello, My wife and I share our Logos Library, which I understand is in line with Faithlife's policies. The Faithlife account is under my name, as I got a lot of it during seminary. Here's my question. My wife is starting a seminary program in the fall which includes a Logos package with a lot of resources we don't have. I'd love not to split our library
    Posted to General by Nicholas Roland on Sat, Jan 20 2018
  • Re: Zondervan Counterpoints vs. Spectrum Multiview Series?

    Hi, I think Dennis's assessment is accurate. I have read from both series and find them to be excellent and very helpful. The IVP series generally does pull from a more broad range of scholars. The best advice I know to give is to look through the topics covered in each series and see which would be most helpful to you at this time. Happy shopping!
    Posted to General by Nicholas Roland on Thu, Jul 2 2020
  • ICC volume on Ecclesiastes

    I've been wanting a good critical commentary on Ecclesiastes. I was planning to wait until AYBC went back on sale and pick up that volume, but I noticed the new ICC volume on prepub. I've really appreciate the new volumes in that series on Isaiah. Is anyone aware of good reviews on this new volume? I'm wrestling with whether to pick it up. I'm a local
    Posted to General by Nicholas Roland on Tue, Apr 28 2020
  • Re: ICC volume on Ecclesiastes

    This is really helpful. Thanks, Denise!
    Posted to General by Nicholas Roland on Wed, Apr 29 2020
  • 3rd party resource

    Hi. This is my first post to the forum. I had a quick question about buying resources from someone else. I have the opportunity to buy the first 8 volumes of the BECNT for a good value. It's an unopened CD that has never been used. What do I lose by buying this rather than directly from Logos? thanks, Nick
    Posted to General by Nicholas Roland on Sat, Apr 20 2013
  • Re: 3rd party resource

    Thanks for all the great feedback. I guess it's important to tell you all my info; probably would you all guide me. I have a Logos 4 Gold Base package that I'm running on a mac. I'm in seminary and still getting acquainted with Logos. Sounds like the two things I should do before buying are to check the system requirements on the CD and contact Logos
    Posted to General by Nicholas Roland on Sun, Apr 21 2013
  • Bundle print/e-books plan?

    I recently read about some companies offering a plan that allows you to buy a print book and then a digital copy at a discounted rate (not sure how tight the forum policies are for referring to other companies, so I'll leave it at that). I've often wondered if Logos could ever work out a partnership like this. I am still really attached to print books
    Posted to General by Nicholas Roland on Thu, Sep 5 2013
  • Re: Official: Minimum Crossgrade and free engine download are coming!

    Thank you for the clarification. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the price to stay within my package. This makes sense and is a great plan.
    Posted to General by Nicholas Roland on Sat, Nov 3 2012
  • IVP Reference with Updated DJG and Dynamic Pricing

    I hadn't noticed this before, but the IVP Reference bundle now has the updated Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels with dynamic pricing. That means I can get this new dictionary for very cheap . I'm not sure if my academic discount is also factoring in, but either way, it seems like quite a deal. I didn't see attention drawn to this anywhere else, so
    Posted to General by Nicholas Roland on Thu, Mar 19 2015
  • Re: "Big Idea" Resources

    They are fairly brief, but the Holman New Testament Commentaries are organized around a Haddon Robinson style Main Idea and Supporting Ideas for each passage. I have found them helpful for that purpose. Unfortunately, it looks like the Old Testament set is not in Logos yet. The Zondervan Exegetical Commentaries also attempt concise main idea statements
    Posted to General by Nicholas Roland on Fri, Jan 26 2018
  • Re: Best books on OEC/EC/TE?

    I just want to second the recommendation of this resource. I'm only a little ways through it, but already it strikes me as a remarkably helpful resource, with John Walton contributing the biblical/theological comments in conversation with 4 scientific disciplines. Really very good. Glad it's coming to Logos!
    Posted to General by Nicholas Roland on Mon, Jun 10 2019
  • Crash when imbedding folders

    Hi, I'm not sure if this post fits better here in or the Logos 8 topic. I'm just starting to use Favorites and documents in Logos more for my notes. I am trying to setup my folder structure. Frequently when I try to to move one folder into another, Logos crashes. I've attached the report. Any ideas? Thanks, Nick 7635.LogosCrash.pdf
    Posted to General by Nicholas Roland on Fri, Jul 5 2019
  • Re: Crash when imbedding folders

    Thanks. It looks like there are a couple of other threads on this issue. I will go add my experience to those. Thanks everyone.
    Posted to Logos 8 by Nicholas Roland on Sun, Jul 7 2019
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