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  • Re: Lingering frustrations with iOS version of Logos...

    I agee with some of your frustrations. I bought a logos bible study software package because I was so, initially, impressed with logos on ipad. I do the vast majority of my reading, both Bible and otherwise, on my iPad. Over a year later and still no decent bookmarking, and no notes. I've begun to drop my rating of logos based on these glaring omissions
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Samuel peinado on Tue, Jul 26 2011
  • Bookmark/favorites folders

    Love the update. Love the app. The one feature, above all others, that I've been craving since I got logos is a way to organize my bookmarks/favorites into folders. I do +90% of my Bible study on my ipad. I have it with me constantly, and I have a bad memory, so I need a way to organize verses. Is this possible now? Is this on logos' development radar
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Samuel peinado on Thu, Jan 20 2011
  • Re: Logos - Please invest more in the mobile apps

    I bought logos for mac because of the logos app on my iphone. I'd still be buying used hard cover books from the used book store if not for the logos iphone app. The logos iphone app, even if kept free, would become a great source of revenue if it were easier to buy books/resources from withing the app. I realize this is yet another item on an already
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by Samuel peinado on Mon, Jan 3 2011
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