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  • Export to iCal not working properly

    I have Logos 4 for Mac, and have two reading plans. I export them to iCal, so they will be in my calendar. It works for most entries, but there are some (usually one particular day of every week), where instead of the calendar entry listing the readings for that day, it has the name of the calendar (e.g. The calendar entry for Wednesdays should list
    Posted to Logos 4 by Jeff Ott on Tue, Nov 15 2011
  • Re: Export to iCal not working properly

    MacBook Pro, running OSX 10.7.2, ICal 5.0.1, Logos 4.3 SR-6 Reading Plan: Read "The Message" in a year, with Old Testament Reading and New Testament Readings each day Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks :-)
    Posted to Logos 4 by Jeff Ott on Wed, Nov 16 2011
  • Exporting Bible Reading Plan to Calendar as "All-Day" (untimed) Events

    When I export my Bible Reading Plan to my calendar, I have to put a start and end time. The problem with this is the event then shows all of the detail, which is a lot (I have OT, PS, AP, NT each day). When I view my calendar for the month, basically all I can see is my Bible Reading Plan. None of the other appointments or to dos are visible unless
    Posted to Suggestions by Jeff Ott on Mon, Jun 22 2020
  • Bible Reading Plan Export BUG

    I have a reading plan, which includes "Old Testament, Psalms/Wisdom, Apocrypha, and New Testament" each M-F for one year. When I export it to my iCal calendar, the last day's event shows the description for Day 1 (Genesis 1–3, Psalm 1–2, Tobit 1:1–2:6, Matthew 1) instead of what it should be (Malachi 1–4, Lamentations 5:10–22
    Posted to General by Jeff Ott on Mon, Jun 22 2020
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