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  • Screen Readers

    I am waiting STILL for LOGOS to make progress toward being compatible with a screen reader for the blind. I use Window-Eyes and am very frustrated being forced to find someone to read your information to me. It is disheartening to know all the resources my colleagues are able to get and Logos continues to leave that information inaccessible to me.
    Posted to Accessibility by Peter Heide on Fri, Jan 27 2017
  • Re: Welcome to the Accessibility Forum

    Posts 7 Reply More ▼ • How do you typically navigate Logos? Keyboard commands ONLY • What is your primary purpose for using Logos? What tasks do you perform most often? reading text and searches e.g. which books/articles is xxx found in? [these are very difficult currently because I have to export the articles to read the results.] including
    Posted to Accessibility by Peter Heide on Mon, Sep 26 2016
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