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  • Re: Editio Critica Maior

    It would be nice for Logos to publish parts as they come out. For example, to start with the Catholic Epistles, since completion of that part of the NT was enough to bring about the publication of NA28.
    Posted to General by Roy E. Ciampa on Fri, Feb 24 2017
  • Re: Göttingen Kopfleiste, where art thou?

    I simply want to second what David notes. For the cost of the series one would expect this to be included. Perhaps there " would be some awkwardness in including them " but the completeness of the information is a significant issue. A scholar would still feel the need to go and consult the print copy, but why should they have to do that when they have
    Posted to General by Roy E. Ciampa on Tue, Nov 11 2014
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