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  • Personal Book tagging

    So I'm trying to add the Book of Jubilees, and ideally, I am trying to set it up like the Bibles are set up, that is that it is tagged as Jubilees 1:1, etc. I've tried [[@Pseudepigrapha:Jubilees 1:1]], which seems to mandate not only the pseudepigrapha setting, but Jubilees seems to be predefined as well, which is ok because it exists, but what if I
    Posted to General by Mike Shaffer on Mon, Sep 29 2014
  • Re: Personal Book tagging

    Thanks, That was what I was afraid of. It's a fairly powerful feature but it's pretty limited if you can only really make it work right some of the time. Hopefully at some point it will see improvements and documentation.
    Posted to General by Mike Shaffer on Tue, Sep 30 2014
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