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  • Re: Microsoft Surface

    I like the idea of having some tiles available, but one of the factors pushing me to wait for the Surface Pro, is that I want to run my full Logos Desktop Application on it! I can't wait for the Pro version to open up on pre-orders...
    Posted to Windows Store Apps by Brian Byers on Wed, Nov 7 2012
  • Missing Interlinear Button

    To all, I upgraded both my desktop and my laptop the same day (first day) with Logos 4. They each had approximately a 6.9gb download and indexing to do that first day. My desktop seems to work like it is suppose, meaning when I open the ESV, I have the button (link) for INTERLINEAR in the Title Bar... However, on my laptop, the option never appears
    Posted to Logos 4 by Brian Byers on Wed, Nov 4 2009
  • Re: Books Not Available

    Does anyone have a link to a list of books that have not made it into the Logos 4 family yet? One think that I liked in LDLS 3 was the "Location Manager". You could get a good list of the books on your computer or removable media. Is there something equivalent to that in L4, and I am just not seeing it? I would just like a comprehensive list of books
    Posted to Old iOS Forum (research only) by Brian Byers on Wed, Nov 4 2009
  • Re: Reverse Interlinears - Hiding?

    I am running L4 on a Windows XP machine, and I don't get the Interlinear option on either the ESV, NRSV, or the KJV. The only thing that I can think of is that the L4 program doesn't accomodate communication through proxy server properly, since at start I have to select to work offline. Is being logged into one Logos account a requirement for the Interlinear
    Posted to Logos 4 by Brian Byers on Wed, Nov 4 2009
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