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  • Re: Tracking Down the Mysterious Sales Offer

    Hello Denise, My name is Daniel Bagley, and I'm one of the Sales Managers for Faithlife. I manage our Arizona Sales Team and can assure you that the email is not fraudulent. Brandon is one of our newer Product Specialists here in AZ. Please let Brandon or any representative know if we can assist you.
    Posted to General by Daniel Bagley on Thu, Oct 3 2019
  • Re: Logos Customer Service (specifically Dave Kaplan)

    Hello Armin, I’m very sorry to hear that your experience has been subpar. As Dan mentioned, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and providing rapid responses. Unfortunately, some inquiries are unique and take more time to find the right solution. I can assure you that we are working on your request and will get you the information you
    Posted to General by Daniel Bagley on Wed, Oct 5 2016
  • Re: Payment plan

    Hello Fred! When paying off a payment plan early any remaining payment plan fees are removed. I’ll try to help explain using the figures you used in your example: If you purchased a base package (BP) for $500 and stretched it out over a 5 month period you would acquire $25 in service fees ($5 x 5 months). That would bring the total BP price to $525
    Posted to General by Daniel Bagley on Sat, Aug 27 2016
  • Re: Gifting books?

    Hi Ben! There are two great ways for you to purchase resources to a friend: 1) You can “gift” the resource to your friend. 2) You can add credit to your friends account so that they can purchase the items they have been wanting. Both of these can be done by one of our Sales Representatives. Feel free to give us a call at 888-875-9491. Daniel Bagley
    Posted to General by Daniel Bagley on Wed, May 25 2016
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