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  • Re: Highlighting not working

    This did solve my problem. I had turned off "Notes and Highlights" on the MAC, to make it easier to do some research on that system. It can be set, and therefore sync to / from, the desktop systems. It also sync's to the iPad, but I can't find any setting on the iPad to turn it on or off. Is that really the case?
    Posted to Logos 7 by chris on Fri, Apr 7 2017
  • Re: Highlighting not working

    I tried shutting down my laptop last night, while I was using the iPad. This morning I remembered I also had it running on my iMac. Things were much better, except that I couldn't highlight entries in the NIV Bible. Then I saw some of the later entries about sync issues. There's really not much to show from screen shots other than the absence of something
    Posted to Logos 7 by chris on Wed, Apr 5 2017
  • Re: Highlighting not working

    Is it really working properly? I have the same issue, where the highlights appear to come and go. I checked to see if they show up in documents, and they do. However, each is in it's own document rather than having related ones in the same document as they should be. Without knowing for sure whether or not a highlight took place, it's essentially unusable
    Posted to Logos 7 by chris on Tue, Apr 4 2017
  • Re: Multiple Notes documents being created when highlighting

    I have the same problem. What can I send to help identify it?
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by chris on Wed, Jun 15 2016
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