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  • Re: Lexham English Bible

    @Jake The License for the LEB provides for 50% content for a non-profit, and 25% content for a for-profit work to be used. for the 50% content non-profit level it explicitly lists a diglot full bible as a possibility. Is it a stretch of either the 25% or 50% grant of license to produce a multi-volume work, in which 1 volume is a complete LEB Bible,
    Posted to General by Michael Hart on Sat, Feb 16 2019
  • Re: Lexham English Bible in print

    After the recent question about the Lexham appearing in print, and the other less recent pointer to the license, this application of the license came up, and I can't see any legal reason it wouldn't apply, but I thought I'd ask: IF a non-profit offered a 2 volume set for sale, one volume a Lexham Bible or NT, and the other a KJV NT or Bible, would that
    Posted to Lexham Press by Michael Hart on Sun, Nov 26 2017
  • Re: Linux version of Logos Bible Software

    Logos Linux Please!
    Posted to Suggestions by Michael Hart on Thu, Jun 22 2017
  • Re: Lexham English Bible in print

    I'd like to create a PDF of the New Testament and print it on demand. Since this would involve a financial transaction with a printing service, it technically violates the license you grant, and I'm uncomfortable doing it without special permission. Who can grant that permission? Is there any chance you would grant or allow Print On Demand? (I'd really
    Posted to Lexham Press by Michael Hart on Thu, Sep 29 2016
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