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  • Notes aren't syncing between desktop and iPad & Android phones

    Mobile notes, written 2 days ago, failed to appear on my desk top after a sync is completed. I noticed that the oldest post on this topic goes back to 2018, an indicative of a repeated offense. I had lost one too many valuable mobile note. I am not sure how many mobile notes are not in sync with my desk top notes. I am avid logos mobile app user, however
    Posted to Logos Notes by Peter Lee on Sun, Feb 2 2020
  • Re: E4 Bible Software

    As I recall, Logos had a philosophy of a shared software in its first marketing tactic, whereby, it had attracted many independent content developers, including E4. When Logos decided to change its policy of restricting its shared software, E4 had changed its software to a Quick Verse software, including QV version 11. I support E4's ministry by purchasing
    Posted to General by Peter Lee on Wed, Sep 6 2017
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