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  • Logos 4.0d for windows hanging on startup

    I hope that someone of you Logos pros can help me. I'm still somewhat new to this program. My computer recently updated to the 4.0d version and after all the updates/installs/reindexing/etc. it ran fine for a week or so. Now when I try to initialize the program all I get is the little rectangular box with the Logos Bible Software logo. That's all. After
    Posted to Logos 4 by Gregory Barnes on Fri, Jul 9 2010
  • Re: It gets so slow after recent update!

    I am experiencing this also. Recently, I downloaded an installed ver. 4 Leaders Library. It was running fairly fine on my WIn XP Pentium 4 M laptop. However, after installing my version 3 Spanish library, Logos began running very sluggishly. Nearly two minutes to open up the home page. I don't understand why the addition of the version 3 library would
    Posted to Logos 4 by Gregory Barnes on Sat, Jan 30 2010
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