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  • Re: Dewey Decimal System?

    Good day, would you help me or guide me how to use the dewey decimal system to manage the complete bible. Every topic, subject, idea, doctrine, sayings, quotations. Yes, I want to manage the complete bible, using the dewey system. I cannot believe no one seems to have done this. Sorry, I am completely new to the dewey system. Please guide me to find
    Posted to General by Deon Laubscher on Thu, Aug 31 2017
  • Re: E.W. Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes and Appendixes

    Good day Mike, please advise me where I can find that E.W.Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes and Appendix is no longer copyright. Thank you for your support. Deon
    Posted to Suggestions by Deon Laubscher on Tue, Apr 21 2015
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