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  • Re: Chords and Choir Helps on Confidence Monitor in Proclaim

    I can see some improvements (altough they rolled out without any instructions) but this still isn't an option. I've been waiting three plus years for this. Time for an annual renewal, but like others I'm seriously considering a change. Guitar chords are a must have ASAP. It's been requested for years guys. come on...
    Posted to Faithlife Proclaim by Alexander Spear on Fri, Jan 31 2020
  • Font Information for Content Slides (to create in Spanish)

    Okay, I have currently accepted the fact that there are not going to be any Spanish slides for content available for the time being. hopefully that will change in the future. For now, is there any way to re create the title content slides (welcome, mothers day, etc) by giving us clues into the fonts, effects (drop shadow, overlay, etc so we can recreate
    Posted to Proclaim: Church Presentation Software by Alexander Spear on Fri, May 13 2016
  • More Spanish Graphics

    I have been using Proclaim in our Spanish church for about two months now. I love how easy it is to create our presentations rich in media and Bible Verses. However, I am disappointed that the majority of your unchangeable graphics (Welcome, Men's Meeting, Events, etc) are only in English and there are no options to add or change them into Spanish.
  • Re: Copying Fully Formatted Verses in Spanish (RV1960)

    Thank you. That helped tremendously, although it would make more sense to have it native to whatever language Bible you were using. This may be because most people are not using the software bilingually, I have no idea.
    Posted to Suggestions by Alexander Spear on Sat, Jan 2 2016
  • Copying Fully Formatted Verses in Spanish (RV1960)

    I am really loving the overall UI of Logos 6! It is saving me a lot of time, including the "Copy Bible Verses" function. However, I am using mostly Spanish now and when I choose RV1960 (or any other Spanish Bible) it does not change the name of the Books of the Bible to Spanish (for ex. Hechos instead is still displayed as Acts.) It works flawlessly
    Posted to Suggestions by Alexander Spear on Fri, Jan 1 2016
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