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  • Re: Fundamentalist Base Package and King James Only Resource Collection

    I will respond to this post, and the allegations regarding the LBCF (which I believe to be horrifically errant), on my webcast, the Dividing Line, tomorrow (7/28/15). James White
    Posted to Suggestions by Dr. James White on Mon, Jul 27 2015
  • Installing New Resources?

    Greetings: I cannot find any way to install a new resource in Logos for Mac 4. I tried finding a command line to use "update resources," but it would only search for that phrase, nothing more. I'm concerned as well, since the item (Galaxie Software's Theological Journal Library CD Volume 12) says on the Read Me on the disk that you have to install version
    Posted to Logos 4 by Dr. James White on Mon, Feb 1 2010
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