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  • Bookmarking or highlighting in iPad app

    How can I “bookmark” passages, and easily get back there later? For years I used highlights to mark passages, different colours for subjects or categories; I could quickly refer back (by colour) to anything relevant to my “thought of the moment”, simply by searching for highlights of a particular colour. These coloured labels
    Posted to Faithlife Ebooks (formerly Vyrso) by Joseph Webster on Tue, Oct 22 2019
  • Re: How to remove book?

    Much Thanks for the clarification Graham! I guess they will gradually slide down the "recent" sort list, out of sight out of mind... I still can't figure out how they got on my list at all, I'll just go back to reading important stuff & ignore them. {;)
    Posted to General by Joseph Webster on Fri, Sep 15 2017
  • Re: How to remove book?

    Many Thanks for two helpful replies! Trying to follow Mick's advice, I now find that the Spanish books (there are 2) appear only in the iPad version but not in my PC Logos. Looking further I find they are not in my library, are only available online, but still appear in the library list. Where or how can I hide these books from the iPad Logos version
    Posted to General by Joseph Webster on Fri, Sep 15 2017
  • How to remove book?

    How do I remove a book from my library? A Spanish book has appeared in my library; I cannot read Spanish and I have absolutely no idea how or when it got there. How can I delete this book? thanks, Joseph
    Posted to General by Joseph Webster on Thu, Sep 14 2017
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