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  • History

    How can I clear reading history in faithlife app on android tablet How can I find notes I have made easily
    Posted to Faithlife Study Bible by Donald MacLean on Mon, Jan 14 2013
  • Faithlife reading groups

    How and where do I find these groups to follow-join or read with--I can't seem to find any clicked ever button I know of .
    Posted to Faithlife Study Bible by Donald MacLean on Fri, Jan 11 2013
  • faithlife app for android samsung tablet

    When I try to read on a split screen (faithlife study bible &NIV) it jumps back to the home page every 30 seconds or so Does anyone have an anser to this problem it makes the app completely useless
    Posted to Old Android Forum (research only) by Donald MacLean on Sun, Dec 30 2012
  • bookmarks

    How do i bookmark a page when reading in biblica.
    Posted to by Donald MacLean on Wed, Jul 25 2012
  • Text Comparison

    Just watched the video on text comparison. The version I am running is 4.0b and I do not have the two "A" to chose the type of report I get--It doesn't even run thr report no matter how many times I click the arrow button. Is this feature included in only higher priced versions. I thought the price difference was in the amount of resources one received
    Posted to Logos 4 by Donald MacLean on Fri, Apr 2 2010
  • Home page display

    Hi Here is my first stupid question I am sure others will follow. When my home page comes up on certain days only the first two pages (it takes 7 pages to display on my laptop) have info printed in LH colum only The other pages are full. is this normal. It just sees odd to me that the first two pages would be only partially filled and the last pages
    Posted to Logos 4 by Donald MacLean on Thu, Feb 4 2010
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