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  • Sermon Builder and Proclaim

    I seem to have developed a problem using Sermon Builder. May be a one off, but having published to proclaim, I couldn't progress files from my iPad. I hadn't opened presentation on my iPad in control mode - would that have been the reason. I have just done a test and it seems to work if I do that, but still can't get yesterdays to work even when I open
    Posted to General by Lee Shirvill on Sun, Sep 12 2021
  • Audio files

    We are having trouble with audio files attached to song lyrics. Settings seem to be correct, song plays through to end, but occasionally as we move through the order of service the audio file will randomly start up again even though there is no link on later slides. Can anyone help us identify why this might be happening?
    Posted to Faithlife Proclaim by Lee Shirvill on Sat, Jun 3 2017
  • My Content

    It seems that the set up for proclaim has changed since we purchased license a month ago. I was able to view included content by searching My Content. Now it seems I have to go to store and mess around trying to find included media amongst media for sale. Some items that were free seem to have disappeared. Can anyone explain what has happened?
    Posted to Faithlife Proclaim by Lee Shirvill on Sat, Mar 12 2016
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