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  • Re: Using iphone URL Schemes

    I've been looking all night for a thread like this. Have you looked into creating a note in the Logos app directly from an app like Launch Center Pro or Workflow/Shortcuts? Here is what I'm thinking. The notes editor in the Logos app is P.O.O.R. and I generally do all of my other non-Bible study note taking and mind scribbling in Drafts 5 or in Ulysses
    Posted to Old iOS Forum (research only) by Josh Moore on Mon, Sep 17 2018
  • Re: Apple Pencil on iPad Pro?

    I’ve added this to uservoice at:
    Posted to Logos Mobile App (Old) by Josh Moore on Sat, Dec 23 2017
  • Re: Apple Pencil on iPad Pro?

    [quote user="alabama24"] Can you expand on what you want to see which is different than what currently exists? [/quote] Currently using the Apple Pencil is no different than using your finger. It is a forgotten and potentialy powerful tool: First it’d be nice if the Pencil was able to highlight WITHOUT having to use the pause/drag gesture that you do
    Posted to Logos Mobile App (Old) by Josh Moore on Sat, Dec 23 2017
  • Re: Copy/Paste Footnotes in Word for Mac Workaround

    Is there a similar workaround available for Pages on macOS High Sierra? Thank you for all that you do!
    Posted to Logos 7 by Josh Moore on Thu, Dec 21 2017
  • Re: Is anyone using the Logos iOS app on the new iPad Pro 10.5?

    [quote user="Daniel Di Bartolo"] For what it's worth, Mike: the new iPad Pro will be the platform of choice for app makers who are developing interesting "augmented reality" experiences on phones and mobile devices. The refresh rate, computing power, and screen quality combined with Apple's new " ARKit" -- I think we'll see lots of companies coming
    Posted to Logos Mobile App (Old) by Josh Moore on Wed, Sep 20 2017
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