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  • Re: Individual Volumes From March Matchups

    I think one reason that Faithlife tends not to offer individual volumes in this sale is that by combining the series discount and the sale discount, you get the biggest splash. And that's what they want. So, the sale on the entire 54-volume NICOT/NT series is $777 or $14.40 each (when you buy the whole set). If they offered the same 60% discount on
    Posted to General by Plip on Thu, Mar 26 2020
  • Re: March Madness is live

    [quote user="John"] Also, II Samuel was $29.99, but since it’s included in the set here would have a much bigger discount on it if NIC were to make it to later rounds or win. [/quote] That was my reasoning, too. 2 Samuel is the only volume of NIC I don't have. And I had it in my cart at $29.99, but changed my mind. The dynamic price for NIC (when
    Posted to General by Plip on Fri, Mar 6 2020
  • Re: New User Commentary Recommendations

    Hey Lance, I've found that the best use of my money is to buy the volumes that I have an immediate use for -- in my preaching, teaching, and personal study. For instance, I've been preaching through Ephesians for the last 18 months. When I was preparing for that series, I bought Harold Hoehner's Ephesians: An Exegetical Commentary . It was about $50
    Posted to General by Plip on Thu, Feb 27 2020
  • Re: Why are the March Matchup Specials higher than buying each book separately?

    When you're adding up the value of each resource purchased separately, are you certain you have each resource expanded so that the prices are visible? The reason I ask is that I made exactly that mistake. I went to the March Matchups Hebrews collection to see if I got a similar result to yours. Initially, I did. It said there were 22 resources that
    Posted to General by Plip on Wed, Mar 27 2019
  • Re: March Madness Commentary Sale Listing Differences

    Here's another way to quickly see what you own and what is new to you. Scroll almost to the bottom of the Product page, to "More details about these resources" (just above the reviews). Click "Show More" to reveal all of the titles. All of the titles that are new to you have a roundish star-ish symbol in front of them. All of the ones that you own don
    Posted to General by Plip on Sat, Mar 17 2018
  • Re: MM: Let's get serious for a second about commentaries...

    [quote user="Paul Caneparo"] I believe the NAC and REBC (certainly the original EBC) series are written by those from the dispensationalist camp. Whereas the other series mentioned in this post don't have a requirement for that theology. [/quote] The REBC doesn't have a requirement for dispensational theology, although I agree that most of what you
    Posted to General by Plip on Tue, Mar 13 2018
  • Re: MM: Let's get serious for a second about commentaries...

    [quote user="David Thomas"] HEre is a collection of the Best NT on each book from someone "in the camp" [/quote] By "in the camp," do you mean dispensational? Or inerrantist? Because while Tim Challies is decidedly inerrantist, he is definitely not dispensational
    Posted to General by Plip on Tue, Mar 13 2018
  • Re: March Madness Round 1 Results

    [quote user="DAL"] My prediction is NICOT/NT champion and WBC 2nd place, but I won’t be holding my breath on those either. [/quote] If I'm not mistaken, NICOT/NT and WBC meet in the quarterfinals (the division one finals). I was surprised these two weren't on opposite sides of the bracket, but there only seems to be light seeding to avoid really
    Posted to General by Plip on Sat, Mar 3 2018
  • Re: The mathematics of dynamic pricing

    [quote user="Lew Worthington"] where I thought it might be, but it's still largely incalculable with any level of precision. [/quote] Actually, I think you can get pretty close (I learned to do this from something once Mark posted). I'll use the L7 Standard Silver base package, which was the first one I saw that included Philo, as an example. First
    Posted to General by Plip on Sat, Sep 10 2016
  • Re: Video Tutorial: How to Send to Kindle after the "Send to Kindle" service is switched off

    Thank you so much, Mark! Great video. Very thorough. I had one issue, which I eventually managed to solve. So I thought I'd share in case anyone else is trying to do the same thing and running into the same problem. The resource I converted was Berkhof's Systematic Theology, and I really wanted four levels in the table of contents. I set up the headings
    Posted to Logos 6 by Plip on Tue, Aug 30 2016
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