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  • Re: Logos 8 Notes/Highlights/Notebooks confusion

    Count me as one person for whom the new Notes is an incredible blessing. I am probably a moderate user of Notes and the filtering and taxonomies behind that allow me to read books and highlight or note-take almost as easily and simply as I would with text, trusting I'll be able to find it later. The new notes was alone worth the 400$ I spent to upgrade
    Posted to Logos 8 by Paul Dirks on Thu, Nov 15 2018
  • Re: Turning off highlight- too many notes

    Thanks so much everyone. I had hoped there was another solution, but I still love Logos and having all my notes and files in one place. Doc B- your suggestion would really help my situation I think. Hopefully Logos would implement this. Paul
    Posted to Logos 5 by Paul Dirks on Fri, Sep 25 2015
  • Turning off highlight- too many notes

    Hi Everyone, First post here, although an active Logos 5 user. I use notes pretty extensively and use highlighting sometimes. I came across an interesting problem today in my Bible in that one of my highlights was getting in the way of me reading the text. So I went to visual filters to turn it off. But under the Notes heading (and I know that this
    Posted to Logos 5 by Paul Dirks on Fri, Sep 25 2015
  • Re: Force Close opening "1000 Bible Images"

    Have confirmed on my Nexus S that the app has challenges with most of the Media Collections Posts- same with The Bible and Its Story and Early Footsteps of the Man of Galilee. Especially happens on page turns.
    Posted to Android Apps by Paul Dirks on Tue, Jun 14 2011
  • Re: Logos for Android Beta 1

    Samsung Nexus S. Latest version of Gingerbread I've got the beta installed now and will be putting it through it's paces over the next few days. Started by downloading a few books for offline reading. Will post more later. Thanks Logos! Paul Dirks
    Posted to Android Apps by Paul Dirks on Sat, Jun 11 2011
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