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  • Still is an issue on Logos 8 with the update process

    Several months ago, I received an email from Logos encouraging me to update to 8.0 basic from my then staus of 7.0--even if I was NOT purchasing 8.0 as an upgrade. I did so, and everything works except for TWO issues. Then I sent an email to Logos explaining the one issue out to them. Their response indicated that they were aware of that issue, and
    Posted to Logos 8 by John Dennis Maher on Wed, Jul 24 2019
  • Bible Browser and Concordance Tools in Logos 7

    Why, when I hover my mouse over either the Bible Browser or the Concordance TOOLS under REFERENCE while using the Desktop version of Logos 7.0 (on my Windows 7 laptop) does it state "This tool is currently unavailable"? What gives? Why does Logos send out an email promoting these great new features to owners of Logos 7, but they don't function?
    Posted to Logos 7 by John Dennis Maher on Wed, Dec 20 2017
  • Kindle with Logos 6

    Can any tech give me a DEFINITE answer as to whether or not Logos 6 will work on a Kindle? Which model? Fire or Paper White?
    Posted to General by John Dennis Maher on Mon, Nov 28 2016
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