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  • Re: Which new Wordsearch resources would you like to see first?

    Life Application Study Bible and Thompson Chain Reference Bible
    Posted to Wordsearch Bible Software by Todd Hinton on Mon, Oct 26 2020
  • Resource Problem

    Forum users, I ran ito an interesting problem. I am trying to set up a reading plan using Volume 4 of Great Books of the Western World, Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. When I try to insert the page range it will not work and I get the red box,telling my the Logos does not recognize the desired page range. Further, if I try to make the page range the entire
    Posted to General by Todd Hinton on Sat, Aug 19 2017
  • Re: Pricing is just crazy complex...

    Bob, Thank you for the opportunity to offer input. Respectfully, I would first ask you what business you are in or want to be in at this point? Software, video, research, subscription based services? Some else? I purchased Logos to become a better student of the Word and have an electronic library with great books, and a great selection of books. If
    Posted to General by Todd Hinton on Mon, Dec 12 2016
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