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  • Re: Is it easy to switch from Logos 4 from PC to Mac?

    Stephen, The switch is actually easy for Logos 4. All you have to do is go your account and on the order page you should see the link to download the mac version (dmg file). Once you install Logos on the Mac it will download all your resources and index your library (it will take a while to index the first time, probably several hours if you have a
    Posted to General by Stephen on Wed, Jul 7 2010
  • Re: Paradigm shift needed... (One man's opinion)

    I've started going through the Greek videos and plan on doing it the same way as Kay. View the videos and then go back and study through them. I have no formal language training and don't have the time or resources for it now. I still have to prepare bible studies and sermons and always wanted to be able to dig into the original languages to better
    Posted to Learn to Use Biblical Greek and Hebrew by Stephen on Fri, Jun 25 2010
  • Re: Prayer Lists Inconsistencies

    Fernando, Thanks, you put much more eloquently than I ever could!
    Posted to Logos 4 by Stephen on Fri, Jun 18 2010
  • Re: A22 - Screenshots of cool stuff

    They have also added Prayer Lists. I like the fact that I can have multiple Prayer Lists displayed.
    Posted to Logos 4 by Stephen on Wed, Jun 16 2010
  • Prayer Lists Inconsistencies

    There appear to be several inconsistencies or bugs. When there are still prayers for that day the "Edit" selection is on the left directly under the last prayer. When all prayers are finished for that day the "Edit" selection moves to the bottom right of the Prayer list box. I would prefer to always see the "Edit" selection on the bottom right so it
    Posted to Logos 4 by Stephen on Wed, Jun 16 2010
  • Re: mac user about to buy L4

    [quote user="David Hilty"] [quote user="Si Cochran"] [quote user="Jason Thomley"]I have 256GB hard drive with about 183 GB available space. That should be sufficient, but is the RAM memory upgrade necessary or preferred to operate Logos 4 in any way?[/quote] 256 GB HDD with 183 GB available is sufficient space, but you might consider upgrading to a
    Posted to Logos 4 by Stephen on Wed, Jun 9 2010
  • Re: Prayer List

    I've thought about using Things before but that's another $60 for the Mac and iPhone version. I have Bento 3 for both and am starting to use it more and that's also a possibility. I'd like to have it in Logos so that I can use the resources/Bible I have. Being able to "tag" a prayer with related scriptures would be great. I don't put personal information
    Posted to Logos 4 by Stephen on Sat, Jun 5 2010
  • Re: Prayer List

    [quote user="Mike Binks"]why would you naturally 'run to' Logos for a prayer list?[/quote] Mike, I just don't want to have to run another program to do a prayer list if I've already got that functionality in Logos. It would be great it I could put scripture links in my prayer list so that when I'm going through it I can just pull up the scriptures in
    Posted to Logos 4 by Stephen on Sat, Jun 5 2010
  • Re: Prayer List

    I personally like the idea of having a prayer list in Logos. I don't need another application that I have to run to check my prayer list. As for syncing to the cloud, I personally like the idea. I would love to be able to see my prayer list on my iPone (or iPad when I get one) so that I always have it with me. As for personal information I don't need
    Posted to Logos 4 by Stephen on Thu, Jun 3 2010
  • Re: Mac Program Question from a recent Mac Convert

    Chris, you will not have to install XP. What WINE does is it allows windows programs to run on a Mac (some of them) It is an easier way to port windows programs over to Mac. When they do this you are running a windows programs and they can have limitations. They do this so that they can sell windows programs to Mac users without having to rewrite the
    Posted to Logos 4 by Stephen on Mon, Apr 12 2010
  • Re: Looking for the Updates to A17

    you could also try typing "update Now" in the command bar
    Posted to Logos 4 by Stephen on Mon, Apr 5 2010
  • Re: Installation Disk Image

    Stephen, very good recommendation. I haven't used the disk iamge since I first installed. It would make it easier and also a lot clearer to users. God Bless Stephen
    Posted to Logos 4 by Stephen on Mon, Mar 22 2010
  • A16 home screen scrolling

    Maybe I'm wrong but I though in previous releases (14,15) I could 2 finger scroll on my track pad and scroll through the pages on the Home Screen.
    Posted to Logos 4 by Stephen on Mon, Mar 22 2010
  • Re: A Couple Features I Would Like To See In L4

    Great ideas. I would also like the ability to have it check and identify resources I already own or be able to filter those out.
    Posted to Logos 4 by Stephen on Sun, Mar 14 2010
  • Re: A14 - Send to Keynote

    I tried it and once Keynote opened I did 2 finger click and selected paste and it pasted the diagram from Logos. I then deleted it and used command-v and that also pasted it into keynote. My guess would be that it doesn't paste it for you, you have to do that yourself.
    Posted to Logos 4 by Stephen on Wed, Feb 24 2010
  • Re: iwork

    I thought that's why they had command-s? Just kidding, I've lost to much by not saving so I am always saving changes to what I'm working on. Auto save really doesn't matter to me.
    Posted to Logos 4 by Stephen on Tue, Feb 23 2010
  • Re: Rebuilding Give Us Your Ideas

    As a new Logos user sometimes I see resources and think they would be a good addition to my library. As a Mac user L4Mac is still in development. I would like to have a way when I logged in to the site to tell me if I already have a resource. I'm not very fluent with Logos yet and am not always sure if I already have a resource. I would like to have
    Posted to General by Stephen on Wed, Feb 10 2010
  • Re: iphone or blackberry

    You can also access it from a regular browser if you wanted to see what it looks like and the functionality. personally I have an iPhone and love it. i would much rather have it than a Blackberry because of the things I can do with it like facebook, Linkedin as well as games when I'm really bored. I tend to use it more for personal than business. i
    Posted to Old iOS Forum (research only) by Stephen on Tue, Feb 9 2010
  • Re: From Customer to Logos Employee

    Joe, Congratulations. I was looking at the Ambassador program. There are no representative jobs in my area. I was thinking it could bring me some extra income and represent a product I love, but from reading through the information they don't want the Ambassador going to Colleges or conferences. It seems that they are reserving that for the representatives
    Posted to Logos 4 by Stephen on Sat, Feb 6 2010
  • Re: Apple iPad and Logos

    I'd love to see how Logos looks on it! I have an iPhone but for me the screen is a little small for extended reading. I can't wait to see what Logos does with it.
    Posted to Logos 4 by Stephen on Wed, Jan 27 2010
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