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  • Logos 9 Desktop - Use Bible Browser to find questions

    Wondering about what filters to use in order to find all the questions satan asks...a little confused about the difference between Sentence Types (Interrogative) v. Questions and then how to drill down further with Reported Speech, etc. Not sure this question is correctly worded to get at the basis for my confusion. If someone thinks they understand
    Posted to Logos 9 Desktop App by steveb on Fri, Nov 12 2021
  • Re: Automatic Passage List Creation

    Agreed! I appreciate the additional hint. I'm new to asking questions of the Community and this interchange has been very encouraging. Thanks, all!
    Posted to General by steveb on Wed, Jun 23 2021
  • Re: Automatic Passage List Creation

    Thanks for your response. I was hoping to obtain only the references noted in the text for whatever translation was being used at the moment. Both of the options you note will provide, as you have noted, MANY more than that. But that's OK. Better coverage!
    Posted to General by steveb on Tue, Jun 22 2021
  • Automatic Passage List Creation

    Is it possible to create a passage list (other than manually) that contains all the cross references for a particular passage? For instance, to focus on Ps 46 and create a list with all the verses that are listed as cross references for the entire psalm?
    Posted to General by steveb on Tue, Jun 22 2021
  • Tanach vs ESV OT

    I'm new in the arena of working with the original OT language of Hebrew. I just obtained the Tanakh and wondered how this English translation of the Hebrew OT is different from the OT translations in any of the mainstream English Bibles? Thanks!
    Posted to General by steveb on Fri, Jun 10 2011
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