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  • Re: Remarkable Tablet support

    I'm doing the conversion for now. I wouldn't want to wish someone out of business, so I really hope they make a go of it. If they make it past 5 years, we'll know if their customers really love them and their idea is right. 2 years is very new, but I see a lot of loyalty and a lot of repeat customers. I really love not being distracted by tech when
    Posted to General by Charity McGill on Fri, Aug 30 2019
  • Remarkable Tablet support

    I have recently had the opportunity to work on a Remarkable tablet. It is an entirely new OS, so I know the likelihood of this request being met is low. Still... I'm hoping for some votes over time. When studying God's word it is completely refreshing to have a distraction-free device. Specifically one that allows you to take notes the way this one
    Posted to General by Charity McGill on Thu, Aug 29 2019
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