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  • Re: How to edit multiple occurrences of same slide at once

    I was wanting to be able to change the text in the slide. I use our title slide in multiple spots in the presentation.
    Posted to Faithlife Proclaim by John R. Weathersby on Sun, Mar 31 2019
  • How to edit multiple occurrences of same slide at once

    How to edit multiple occurrences of same slide at once. I use multiple copies of our Sermon Slide and we just edit week to week. Is there a way to select them or create a slide to be used in multiple places where all can be edited at once or the others change with the main slide? This would same me time editing or duplicating it multiple times.
    Posted to Faithlife Proclaim by John R. Weathersby on Mon, Mar 25 2019
  • Re: Podcasting

    Scott, I came back searching for this again. Has it been slated for development? Is Logos/Proclaim/Faithlife determining whether or not to support this functionality?
  • Podcasting

    All, we have been using the podcast through proclaim it's a nice easy button feature. However, I feel like we're shooting into the dark. We have no real way of tracking anything. I'm wondering if anyone has a way around this, also if not and if you're into stats I've added a uservoice suggestion here:
  • Re: Synoptic Gospels Commentary and Link Set

    Brian, literally laughed out loud (LLOL) - thanks for chasing through this one. Ultimately your conclusion is correct. It would seem the linkset is multi-directional, so when I read through Calvin's commentary on the first 3 gospels which sets those gospel accounts side by side, my resource link-set A starts chasing the commentary as I read it, rather
    Posted to General by John R. Weathersby on Wed, Nov 5 2014
  • Synoptic Gospels Commentary and Link Set

    All, it's been driving me batty for a while that when I try to read through commentary from Calvin on say the book of Luke in "Commentary on a Harmony of the Evangelists Matthew, Mark, and Luke" tied to a window say "link set a" my window with the scripture I'm studying follows the commentary, rather than the opposite. Does this make any since? So if
    Posted to General by John R. Weathersby on Tue, Nov 4 2014
  • Slide Remote

    Hi there. We're connected and slides are up. However, with the remote we're having some difficulty advancing slides and after changing about 3 of them, we get a "unable to change slide', error. This is actually one of our most common errors with the remote app.
  • Re: Server Down? Or...

    Rafel, I agree. And folks that say they never have any issues I'm mystified. Proclaim is the butt of Jokes for us. I wonder if some are using less of it's features than we are. We use Proclaim remote and presenter notes view. For about a month those were off. Most mornings we have difficulty making the presentation synch with the remote and end up stumbling
  • Re: Proclaim Remote Not Working!!

    The greatest features that have kept us with Proclaim are: cloud based team editing, the remote, integrated graphics, and a notes presentation view. We have a weekly fight we now have a running joke regarding whether the set up will work weekly. It constantly has a hard time synching. For a time the notes were misaligned with the presenter view this
  • Re: Notes Page Misaligned

    OK, thank you. this is a long running problem, so we've stopped using proclaim as this renders the major feature that made this helpful over others, useless. Do you have an ETA on the fix? Soon we'll be switching over to Pro Presenter 5.
  • Re: Notes Page Misaligned

    That would be great because it's a hugely distracting issue for me. I have to keep my finger on the notes and pan right and left to even read them. Reading the scripture section from Luke 1:5-25 this week was quite difficult.
  • Re: Notes Page Misaligned

    I came to the forum(s) today simply to look for this issue and report it if it was unknown. I'm hoping the fix is out or will be out VERY soon. The issue seems to compound with the length of the notes imbedded into the slide. I.E. the page is shoved further let with each incrementing page you flip deeper. Spencer, any timeline on this resolution?
  • Sunday Feburary 23 - issue?

    Is there an issue this morning? We aren't able to pull images to the remotes. Currently they're showing blank screens but ARE showing, the notes.
  • Re: What is this resource

    Google search results for the referenced phrase provide an equal measure of assurance.“you+must+hold+inflexibly+to+your+purpose”
    Posted to General by John R. Weathersby on Mon, Feb 3 2014
  • Re: What is this resource

    Thanks Dan and Joseph - here is my rub: in the UBS Barclay (Brc) is referenced as having translated, "sterixate hymon tas kardias"" to -"you must hold inflexibly to your purpose". However, his own translation cited in his commentary turns the phrase "Make firm your hearts". I'd love to see his NT which isn't available from Logos, but something seems
    Posted to General by John R. Weathersby on Mon, Feb 3 2014
  • What is this resource

    All - in studying James 5:8 in the UBS commentary a reference was made to Barclay (Brc) as a Bible Translation however, I cannot find what the reference is pointing to - can anyone help me out?
    Posted to General by John R. Weathersby on Mon, Feb 3 2014
  • Re: Typo Report

    OK, well I've defined a highlight color for errors so that I can read then take them to L5 later to report - any thought to providing thousands and thousands of dollars of Logos Credit for reported errors that are addressed/fixed?
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by John R. Weathersby on Mon, Jul 29 2013
  • Re: Typo Report

    Any movement here. I'd like to report on Calvin's commentary on Hosea.
    Posted to iPhone/iPad Apps by John R. Weathersby on Sat, Jul 27 2013
  • Re: Replacement Videos

    I only have the old videos with a wrong alphabet - was there a download for the fixed videos? Thanks!
  • Re: Footer hight

    Mark, Right sorry - I read that quickly the first time, I was using the term footer in a more literal way rather than in terms of div.elements. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll look at the container sizes, and see if I can make them fixed.
    Posted to RefTagger by John R. Weathersby on Sat, May 11 2013
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