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  • Re: I Don’t Get It

    As the one who ranted, I want to thank the developers of the Logos mobile app for the new sermon editor. I have tried it out for just a few minutes in the Logos TestFlight app and it seems to be off to a good start. It already has features not in the browser version of the sermon editor. I look forward to it’s continuing development but wanted to express
    Posted to Logos 9 Web App by Hank Anderson on Fri, Mar 12 2021
  • I Don’t Get It

    Can someone help me understand why Logos does not do a better job of supporting the use of its products on mobile devices? They have refused to add any type of editing of sermons on its iOS app. They have crippled the sermon editing feature on its web app so that there is not even a way to export/print anything. And the features on its web app in general
    Posted to Logos 9 Web App by Hank Anderson on Thu, Jul 2 2020
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